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We are actively assisting Primary School in Bangladesh's Sundarban Side

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Well, the truth is that we are doing a lot - and what we are able to show on these pages is just the beginning! In fact in recognition of our Responsible Tourism values, we are very proud to have been awarded Responsible Tourism Scheme.

We are actively assisting Primary School in Bangladesh's Sundarban Side...
We make all clients traveling to Bangladesh aware of the Primary School and its need for resources.
Members of our staff have used contacts at libraries to gain donations of old books to be passed on to this needy cause.
Each client traveling to Bangladesh is asked to assist in providing the school with more amenities by taking reading and reference books, along with various stationary items including pens, pencils and paints when visiting the region. (We would be delighted to role this out to others areas of the world - but we need your help.)
Clients then have the opportunity to visit the school and meet with a former pupil.
Since June 2003-2010 many clients who have taken books out to the school have taken it upon themselves to make their own personal donations to the school.
One of our key objectives for the school in the future is to provide them with electricity. This, in combination with the computers we hope to provide (see below), will give them access to the Internet and links to other schools throughout the world.
We are looking to donate our own old computers to the school once they have electricity. This will not only benefit the school but will mean that the computers are well recycled.
The school had a half-page feature in a recent newsletter, which we sent to 25,000 people.
One of our members of staff recently held a charity concert raise money for the school.
We are actively researching further worthy causes in developing countries to which we might make a difference through similar schemes to that which we have arranged for the Primary Schools of Bangladesh.

We send out information regarding returning from holiday with illegal animal products with all air tickets and final documents.
We advise clients visiting Bangladesh such as Sundarban , Bangladesh which have a strict religious culture, of the basic rules of their etiquette with regards to clothing and behavior, in order that local traditions and cultures may be respected.

The vast majority of our paper in the office is being recycled - on a week-by-week basis. We have been researching ways to begin re-cycling cans and plastic in the near future.
All printer cartridges are recycled.
In the past, (and indeed up to the present day) we have made every possible effort to recycle unwanted office equipment and furniture, for example old chairs have been taken to charity shops rather than being dumped at the local refuse site.
We are careful to use environmentally responsible suppliers in the Bangladesh, as well as abroad.

The to best of our control we use ground agents, camps, lodges and vessels which share our commitment to the environment and to responsible tourism.
Almost all of the lodges we work with make use of local guides and are actively employed in the training and development of local staff.
Throughout Bangladesh the lodges we work with favor solar power over generators, and don't employ damaging detergents that can contaminate local water sources. Many of the lodges that we work with (particularly in Bangladesh & Sundarban) actually remove ALL waste products from the parks and reserves and dispose of them in environmentally sound situations away from wilderness areas. One company even has a policy in certain areas of building its lodges on stilts in order to reduce the 'footprint impact' of the lodge on the ground.
A considerable number of the hotels lodge and camps that we work with around the world have their own environmental programs, including specific projects for the protection of certain species e.g. (Tigers in Bangladesh, cheetahs and rhinos in Namibia, turtles and zebra in South Africa, etc).
The ground agents that we work with in Sundarban National Park (Sundarban Safaris) have set out policies and guidelines for responsible tourism which they follow rigorously. The syllabus they set for safari guide exams has now been adopted nationally.
Many of the lodges we work with around the world donate a percentage of their takings to local school and community projects. Sundarban Safaris have established initiatives such as a medical clinic..
Finally, many of the lodges we work with are co-owned by local residents who benefit directly from the visiting tourists.

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