Duty Free:

Travellers to Bangladesh may bring with them 200 Cigarettes, 50 Cigars or 225g of tobacco. Travellers are also granted an amount of perfume reasonable for personal use, and gifts of up to 500BDT in value. Non-Muslims may have two bottles of liquor.

Bangladesh Customs Rules

Check the list of baggage items that are currently liable to duty as well as items that are duty free.

List of baggage items liable to pay duty:

(i) Plasma, LCD, TFT & Television of similar technology (a) 17” to 21” Tk. 10,000/- (b) from 22” to 29” Tk. 15,000/- (c) from 30” to 42” Tk. 20,000/-(d) from 43” to 52” Tk. 50,000/- (e) 53” & above Tk. 1,00,000/- (2) with 04 (four) Speakers Component System (Music Center) (CD/VCD/DVD/LD/MD Set) Tk. 4,000/- (b) More than 04 (four) Speaker but not higher than 08 (eight) Speakers (Music Center)/Home Theatre with minitaiton of Speakers (CD/VCD/DVD/LD/MD Set) Tk. 8,000/- (3) Refrigerator/Deep Freezer Tk. 5,000/- (4) Dish Washer/ Washing Machine/ Cloth Drier Tk. 3,000/- (5) Air Cooler/Air Conditioner (a) Window type Tk. 7,000/- (b) Split type Tk. 15,000/- (6) Oven: Gas Oven with Burner Tk. 3,000/- (7) Dish Antenna Tk. 7,000/- (8) Gold bar or Bullion (Maximum 200gm) Tk. 150/- (per 11.664 gm) (9) Silver Bar or Bullion (Maximum 200gm) Tk. 6/- (per 11.664 gm) (10) HD Cam, DV Cam, BETA Cam & Professional as used as a Camera Tk. 15,000/- (11) Air Gun/Air Rifle Tk. 5,000/- (importable with permission of Ministry of Commerce, See import & Export Policy, 2009-2012) (12) Candelabrum Tk. 300/- per point (13) Carpet up to 15 Square meter Tk. 300/- per Square meter.

Duty and tax-free goods (only one for each item):

(1) Cassette Player/ Two in one (2) Disk man / Walkman (Audio) (3) Portable Audio CD Player (4) Desktop/Laptop Computer (with Printer & UPS) (5) Computer Scanner (6) Computer Printer (7) Fax Machine (8) Video Camera (HD Cam, DV Cam, BETA Cam & professional camera) (9) Still Camera/ Digital Camera (10) General/Push button/ Cordless telephone set (11) General/ Electric Oven/ Microwave Oven (12) Rice Cooker/Pressure Cooker (13) Toaster/Sand witch maker/ electrical Blender/Food Processor/Juicer/ Coffee maker (14) General and electric Type Writer (15) Household sewing machine (manual/electrical) (16) Table/ Pedestal Fan/Ceiling Fan (17) Sports Materials (for personal use only) (18) 200gms gold/silver ornaments (not more than 12 pcs of each item) (19) One Carton Cigarette (200 sticks) (20) Up to 29” CRT Black & White /Color Television (21) VCR/VCP (22) General CD & with 02 (two) Speakers Component (Music Center) (23) VCD/DVD/LD/MD blue Redisk player (24) LCD Computer Monitor (Either TV function or not) up to 17” (25) One Mobile/Cellular Phone Set.