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All of Tours Initiatives programs are handled exclusively by the professional logistical team of Travel Bangladesh (TRAVELBD) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The team is on call 24 hours a day and is in daily contact with each of the groups touring, anywhere they may be, to handle any issues connected with the group, including medical problems, issues of discipline, mail, laundry, and exchanging money and even how to deal with a child who is homesick. Taking care of your child is our paramount concern and we have made a conscious decision to cut no corners and spare no expense in making sure that our participants get the best possible care while on our trips
Travel Bangladesh (TRAVELBD) offers the most comprehensive logistical service package in the teen travel market:

" A local toll free number to arrange add-on flights to and from the international departure gateway
" Groups are met at the airport of departure and chaperoned through the entire international flights
" Full assistance upon arrival in foreign airports
" Specially trained Asian and Bangladeshi staff on call 24 hours a day through out the entire program
" Full emergency medical coverage with medical staff on call 24 hours a day
" A special Travel Bangladesh (TRAVELBD) website that serves as an online resource for parents and friends. The site includes itinerary and hotel contact information for the group as well as digital photographs which are posted as the group tours and messages posted by the participants
" E-mail reception service: each group will have a special email address where messages can be sent for the participants
" Money exchange for the whole group
" Free calling card enough time to give the participant a chance to call home for the first time when arriving overseas
" Sale of international calling cards to enable the participant to stay in touch
" We arrange for the group to be able to do laundry numerous times during the program (additional fee)
" Cellular phone allocated to each Tour Educator for outgoing emergency calls and contact with our office.
" In Bangladesh: Participants receive a map of Bangladesh and a specially designed resource book.
" In Bangladesh each group is escorted by an armed group throughout the tour

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